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Chattanooga Intellect RPW 2

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Chattanooga Intellect RPW 2

Reduce muscle pain and aches
Temporarily increase blood flow
Activate connective tissue.
Ease of Use
Incorporating high resolution touch screen technology, the Intelect RPW 2 was created with ease of use for the clinician in mind. The clinical protocols library provides a visual anatomical and pathological library as well as treatment guidelines to aid the clinician in providing effective treatments for a large range of pathologies. The Chattanooga Intelect Connect App provides a seamless transition of patient data from the device to the PC, allowing the clinician to produce reports and to share patient data across other Chattanooga devices.

Chattanooga Intellect RPW 2 Shockwave Therapy

The new Intelect RPW 2 combines streamlined design with ergonomics and patient-comfort with ease-of-use resulting into the most compact clinical unit currently on the market.

The Intelect RPW 2 allows for the treatment of indications with radial, pneumatically-generated, low-energy acoustic waves, or ‘pressure pulses’.

The applied pressure pulse propagates radially within the tissue, generating a therapeutic effect.

The V-ACTOR HF optional hand piece allows mechanical vibration, for vibration massage.

Indications :

– Achilles Tendinopathy
– Disorders of Tendons Insertions
– Pain & Inflammation in Orthopaedic Conditions
– Plantar Fasciitis
– Pulse Vibration Massage

Recommended treatment guidelines :

– Localize the painful areas you plan to treat
– Select most appropriate transmitters based on treatment goal and targeted tissue
– Apply ultrasound water based gel on the skin overlying the treatment area
– Always start with lower level of intensity
– Perform a post-treatment test to see for better function and decreased in pain

New FALCON Handpiece

Allowing lower Bar pressures for an increased range of indications and applicators.

Large graphic color touch screen

High resolution 7” capacitive touch screen for greater customer experience.

Suggested protocols library

Available at a finger click; treatment pictures, anatomical and pathological library, treatments guidelines.

Comfort mode

Unique automatic energy ramp up designed to provide better patient comfort.


Large choice of transmitters

17 different transmitters available for tendinopathies, trigger points, spine and fascia treatments.

Ergonomic design

What you is need close in hand; handpiece, transmitter tray, gel bottle, cables holders, soft pouch.

Extended pressure range

The Falcon handpiece provides a greater pressure range from 0.3 to 5 bar, making it more comfortable for the patient and allowing Fascia and Spine treatments. NOTE: PERI-V-ACTOR and SPINE-V-ACTOR can only be used under 3 Bar pressure.


2174 : 230V AC 50-60Hz 350VA
DIMENSIONS WXHXD : 410x1100x425mm
WEIGHT : 30kg
PULSE AMPLITUDE : Approx 2mm at 3 bar, idling (without coupling)
PULSE WIDTH : Approx 6-12ms
PULSE FREQUENCY : FALCON handpiece 1-21Hz for RPW, V-ACTOR handpiece 1-50Hz for vibration
MODE : Single pulse or continuous
USER INTERFACE : 7 inch, 800×480 pixels color graphic capacitive touch screen
CONFORMITY : This device complies with the applicable standards EN/IEC 60601-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.601.1, UL Std. No 60601-1.
CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO MDD : class IIa device 93/42 60601-1

Package includes:

– D20-S D-ACTOR 20 mm transmitter
– Ultrasound gel bottle – 250 ml
– Ro40 D-Actor® ‘Beam’ transmitter
– USB Drive Intelect Mobile 2
– FALCON handpiece
– Quick Start Guide Booklet Intelect RPW 2
– Transmitters tray Intelect RPW 2
– Gel bottle support cup Intelect RPW 2
– Intelect RPW 2 Pouch

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