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Lumenis Opus Duo Dental Laser combines CO2 and ER-yag lasers and other radiations with surgical therapeutic modalities, providing synergic therapeutic effects to achieves rapid and efficient clinical results within a relatively short time.

Lumenis Opusdent Opus Duo Dental Laser is an alternative to the high-speed turbine designed to perform hard tissue procedures so that in most cases there is no need for anesthesia

Lumenis Opus Duo Dental Laser Equipment List:
-OpusDuo EC laser system
-CO2 optical delivery fiber
-CO2 accessory set
-Erbium optical delivery fiber (x 4)
-Erbium accessory set
-Remote Interlock connector (mounted)
-User’s Manual
-Laser Danger sign
-Protective eyewear (x 3)
-Right angle handpiece
-Straight nose handpiece
-Er:Yag straight nose cone
-Cleaning head
-Cauterization tip for CO2 laser
-External tip power calibration unit
Hour Count: Less than 20 hours
Handpieces: – Right angle handpiece -Straight nose handpiece – Er:Yag straight nose cone
General Condition: Superb

– Accessories for Er/YAG: 2 Fibers- 2 ErYAG optical delivery fibers; 5 Handpieces- 2 angled, 1 straight, 1 tip calibration, 1 gingival spacer; 45 tips- 5 each HPX conical sapphire contact tips (200, 400, 600, 800, & 1000 micron), 5 straight sapphire tips (1300), 5 hollow metal tips (500, 700, & 100 micron).

– Accessories for CO2: 1 Fiber- 1 CO2 optical delivery fiber; 5 handpieces- 1 straight, 1 90 deg. angled focusing, 1 curved non-focusing, 1 non-focusing short probe, 1 microprobe; 11 tips- 5 microprobe tips, 6 non-focusing short probe tips, 1 fiber insert for straight non-focusing handpiece.

Lumenis Opus Duo Surgical Dental YAG Erbium Laser CO2

One each fiber assembly for Er:YAG and CO2 lasers
Set of six handpieces and three cartridges for soft tissue, including focusing, non-focusing, perioprobe, and microprobe handpieces
Set of four handpieces for hard tissue
External tip power calibration unit
Variety of sapphire tips for Er:YAG
Protective goggles
User’s manual
Case studies in both hard and soft tissue laser dentistry

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