• Gentlo RF Solution RF Plasma

    Gentlo RF Solution (RF + Plasma)

    Gentlo (Gentle RF Solution)
    • GENTLO is the first innovative RF device unified with PLASMA technology.
    • Maximize the synergy skin treatment effect from the epidermis to the dermis
    • Deliver optimal result such as lifting, tightening and overall skin revitalization
    • Provide optional applicators for various indications
    – RM | RF-Microneedle
    – PS | Plasma
    – RN | RF-Needle
    – RC | RF-Circle
    – RV | RF-Vaginal
    • Easy to Use and Intuitive GUI
    • Convenience Smart Integrated System (SIS), Remote Management through Cloud and Big Data System

    Treatment Lesion:
    • RF Treatment – Scar treatment, Stretch marks, Skin Lifting, Overall rejuvenation, Lifting, Acne, Black and White Comedo, Pore, Fine wrinkle, Skin revitalization, Resurfacing, Hyperhidrosis, Tightening
    • Plasma Treatment – Skin Texture, Toning effect, Whitening, Dryness, Pore density, Hydration, Wrinkles, Drug delivery
    • RF for Women – Vaginal Tightening, Vulva whitening, Vaginal rejuvenation

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