• LPG Cellu M6 Integral 2

    Includes: Cellu M6 integral, Power cord, all hand pieces listed above and manual.
    Condition: Single owner. Fully operational. Excellent condition.
    Warranty: 30 day Parts and Labor
    MFG Notes: LPG cellu M6 integral is the best devise, FDA approved to help with cellulite,
    skin tightening, and physical therapy.
    Treatments: Anti-aging (wrinkles, natural lifting)
    Redefinition of facial contours
    Tightening through the stimulation of natural collagen production
    Localized fat
    Slimming and weight loss
    Body contouring
    Fibrosis, inflammation, edema, lymphedema, venous
    Injuries to the ligaments and tendons
    “Preparation, recuperation and treatments relating to sports injuries

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