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Elexxion Claros Nano Laser

Original price was: $5.500.Current price is: $4.950.
Elexxion Claros Nano is a fast and efficient dental laser surgery Disinfection and Therapy for Soft Tissue with benefits from a simple interface, exceptional performance and amazing patient recovery time at an 810nm wavelength

Elexxion Delos Er-YAG and Diode Dental laser

Original price was: $5.300.Current price is: $4.770.
Elexxion Delos Er - YAG is a Diode Dental laser Digitally-pulsed high-performance diode (810 nm and 2940 nm) in a single compact unit that covers virtually all dental indications

IRIS HD USB 3.0 Intraoral Camera from Digital Doc

Original price was: $2.900.Current price is: $2.610.
The IRIS HD offers extreme clarity using its precision optical lens variety and Sony’s advanced HD sensor that unite for the best, best in its class, picture quality.

Odyssey Diode Soft-Tissue Dental Laser from Ivoclar Vivadent

Original price was: $900.Current price is: $810.
Odyssey Diode Dental Laser is a soft tissue modification and preventive care featuring wireless power control and unique fiber management systems and the newest innovations.
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