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Cutera Trusculpt iD Monopolar RF Body Contouring 2020

2020 truSculpt iD is the latest body sculpting treatment solution from Cutera, providing a personalized, hands-free and hand-held solution to revolutionize your practice.

Gentlo RF Solution RF Plasma

Original price was: $21.500.Current price is: $11.825.

Gentlo RF Solution (RF + Plasma)

Gentlo (Gentle RF Solution) • GENTLO is the first innovative RF device unified with PLASMA technology. • Maximize the synergy skin treatment effect from the epidermis to the dermis • Deliver optimal result such as lifting, tightening and overall skin revitalization • Provide optional applicators for various indications - RM | RF-Microneedle - PS | Plasma - RN | RF-Needle - RC | RF-Circle - RV | RF-Vaginal • Easy to Use and Intuitive GUI • Convenience Smart Integrated System (SIS), Remote Management through Cloud and Big Data System

Treatment Lesion: • RF Treatment - Scar treatment, Stretch marks, Skin Lifting, Overall rejuvenation, Lifting, Acne, Black and White Comedo, Pore, Fine wrinkle, Skin revitalization, Resurfacing, Hyperhidrosis, Tightening • Plasma Treatment - Skin Texture, Toning effect, Whitening, Dryness, Pore density, Hydration, Wrinkles, Drug delivery • RF for Women - Vaginal Tightening, Vulva whitening, Vaginal rejuvenation

Jeisys Ultracel Fractional Radio Frequency Mirconeedling

Jeisys Ultracel Fractional Radio Frequency Mirconeedling FeaturesUltraCel has 3 interchangeable handpieces that are used for coagulation and incision of tissue.Fractional Radio Frequency Mirconeedling (FRM) Unique technique to treat the target area by the fast penetration

Lutronic Genius Intelligent RF Microneedle

Lutronic Genius Intelligent RF Microneedle The Revolutionary Breakthrough In RF-Microneedling.The new GENIUS® is a system for coagulation and hemostasis using intelligent radio frequency. With the GENIUS® you achieve excellent treatment results for skin rejuvenation and smoothing of the skin, such as acne scars.

Syneron Candela Profound RF Microneedling


Syneron Candela Profound

Profound Specifications
  • Syneron Candela Profound System
  • SubQ Applicator
  • SubDermal Applicator
  • 4 SubQ Cartridges
  • 6 SubDermal Cartridges
  • Power Cord
Profound Benefits and Applications
  • radio frequency microneedling
  • treatment of wrinkles
  • treatment of cellulite
  • treatment on both dermal and adipose tissue
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