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Elexxion Delos Er-YAG and Diode Dental laser

Original price was: $5.300.Current price is: $4.770.
Elexxion Delos Er - YAG is a Diode Dental laser Digitally-pulsed high-performance diode (810 nm and 2940 nm) in a single compact unit that covers virtually all dental indications
Elysion Pro

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Elysion Pro Diode Laser Hair Removal Device

The Elysion platform is designed to work for all skin and hair types, offering two work modes, high fluences of energy & square pulse technology. Elysion provides virtually painless treatments in ultra fast treatment times, so you can treat more patients in less time.

Planmeca ProMAX 2D Digital Panoramic

Planmeca ProMAX 2D Digital Panoramic offers a complete maxillofacial imaging system and can add an upgrade to 3D, move from film to digital and add cephalometric and tomographic capabilities, all without purchasing a new unit.

Pollogen Lipofirm Pro Non Invasive Body Shaping System

Original price was: $11.500.Current price is: $5.750.
Pollogen Lipofirm Pro System Treatments For Both The Body And The Face.The Lipofirm Pro is a compact aesthetic medical device for comprehensive anti-ageing and body contouring, including localised fat reduction & cellulite treatment.
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