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Apilus Senior 3G Electrolysis Machines

“Apilus Senior 3G Electrolysis Machines: Unleashing the Ultimate in Hair Removal Technology”

When it comes to state-of-the-art hair removal technology, the Apilus Senior 3G stands as an unrivaled champion, embodying speed, power, and comfort within the dynamic realm of 13.56 MHz technology. With the inclusion of the exclusive iMM-Pac option and an impressive array of over 10 treatment modalities coupled with a staggering 1080 programs, this groundbreaking device proves its adaptability across all scenarios, solidifying its status as the epitome of electrolysis innovation.

Mastering the 13.56 MHz Frontier: The Apilus 3G technology seamlessly emits a steady 13.56 MHz radio frequency, uniquely tailored to accommodate the ever-changing impedance of the human body. This dynamic adaptation ensures the precise delivery of energy required for safe and gentle permanent hair removal on all skin and hair types, underlining its capability as a revolutionary hair removal solution.

Leading the Global Hair Removal Industry: Apilus redefines hair removal technology, and the Apilus Senior 3G occupies the zenith of the 13.5MHz series. Boasting not only efficiency and rapidity but also an unmatched level of treatment comfort, it presents 7 exclusive methods, including Thermolysis and Electrolysis for Blend. With its radical needle waxing approach, this technology remains the sole certified method for achieving an astounding 100% hair removal success rate.

Forging a New Era in Permanent Hair Removal: Pioneering a paradigm shift, the Apilus Senior 3G establishes itself as the preeminent machine for radical hair removal, offering an experience that is both painless and expeditious. This Canadian-designed marvel sets a new standard in the realm of 100% permanent hair removal solutions.

Unveiling the Modalities: The Apilus Senior 3G excels in modalities, showcasing a selection that spans Thermolysis with its Flash, MicroFlash, and MultiPlex modes, and Blend featuring OmniBlend and MultiBlend.

Revolutionizing with iMM-Pac: The inclusion of iMM-Pac technology, a standout feature, incorporates 2 exclusive modalities (MultiPlex and MultiBlend). This technology package also introduces a variety of programs for insulated probes, alongside a proportional pulsing function that introduces variable delays.

Beyond Hair Removal: The journey doesn’t end with hair removal; the Apilus Senior 3G offers post-treatment beauty care in the form of Anaphoresis and Cataphoresis, elevating its utility beyond a singular purpose.

Diverse Program Portfolio: With a staggering 1080 programs categorized by modality, body area, hair type, and probe type (insulated or non-insulated), unparalleled efficiency and user-friendliness reign supreme. Additionally, users can craft up to 60 personalized programs, catering to individual needs.

Beyond the Basics: The Apilus Senior 3G boasts an array of supplementary features, including an accessory test, UL key for lye unit calculations, Thermolysis “εL” energy level key, pedal-free operation mode, insertion counter for tracking treated hairs and cumulative treatment time, and dual probeholder connectors. A treatment management software completes the package, providing comprehensive insights into cumulative income.

Incorporating Varied Modes: A diverse range of modes including Flash, MicroFlash, Multiplex, Blend, OmniBlend, MultiBlend, and Electrolysis solidify the Apilus Senior 3G’s reputation as the pinnacle of hair removal technology.

In conclusion, the Apilus Senior 3G Electrolysis Machines redefine hair removal with its unparalleled blend of speed, power, and comfort, all harnessed within the remarkable 13.56 MHz technology. Its versatility, extensive program offerings, and revolutionary features firmly establish it as the frontrunner in the realm of global hair removal technology.”

Apilus are the number 1 hair removal devices, do not compromise with anything less. The Apilus Senior 3G is the superior device in the 13.5MHz series, offering not only efficiency and speed, but also unparalleled treatment comfort. With 7 exclusive methods of Thermolysis, Electrolysis for Blend, it gives an immediate solution to all the problems of hair growth. Radical needle waxing is the only technology that is certified to offer 100% hair removal.


Thermolysis: Flash, MicroFlash, MultiPlex
Blend: OmniBlend, MultiBlend

iMM-Pac technology including 2 exclusive modalities (MultiPlex and MultiBlend), a seriesof programs for insulated probes and a proportional pulsing function with variable delay.

Post-treatment/Beauty Care

1080 programs classified by modality, body area, hair type and probe type (insulated or non-insulated) allowing an unparalleled efficiency and ease of use. Possibility to create 60 customized program.

Other Features
Accessory test
UL key to calculate units of lye
Thermolysis “εL” energy level key
Pedal-free operating mode
Insertion counter that compiles the number of treated hairs and cumulative treatment time
2 probeholder connectors
Treatment management software with cumulative income statements


  • Flash
  • MicroFlash
  • Multiplex
  • Blend
  • OmniBlend
  • MultiBlend
  • Electrolysis

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