BIOLASE Waterlase Express Dental Laser System


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BIOLASE Waterlase Express Dental Laser BIOLASE System is sleek and small, with the smallest footprint ever for an All-Tissue Laser. For multiple operatories, it works well as a countertop unit. Optional carts and a durable travel case are available. Moving the Waterlase Express all-tissue laser from operatory to operatory or even office to office can become a reality with optional carts and travel accessories.

BIOLASE Waterlase Express Dental Laser System

BIOLASE Waterlase Express will allow you to perform more procedures in a single appointment, with minimally invasive procedures which means more stress-free moments for patients and their staff. Introducing Waterlase-Express the most comfortable, portable, and an easy-to-use laser that is ready to change your practice today.

Waterlase Express is an all-tissue laser designed for ease of use. It has a tablet-based interface and HD clinical animations, along with step-by-step protocols to manage perio, peri-implantitis, restorative, and more. With its affordable price point and compact, portable design, Waterlase Express makes patient-friendly laser dentistry more accessible than ever.

BIOLASE Waterlase Express Dental Laser System is the all-tissue laser that will change the way you practice dentistry. Waterlase Express has the power to solve dental problems beyond expectation. The versatile and gentle combination of laser energy and water has the power to relieve dental anxiety at the source, for you, your team, and your patients. The countertop all-tissue laser features a miniaturised laser engine that is 50% smaller than the Waterlase iPlus, offering the benefits of all-tissue laser technology in a way that is compact, simple and easy to use.


– Less fear and anxiety
– Quicker and more efficient visits
– Faster healing and recovery
– Retains more healthy tissue


– More positive patient outcomes
– Increased production
– Reduced recalls, more chair time
– Fresh approach to “old” dentistry

BIOLASE Waterlase Express Dental Laser System is the only laser to feature in-depth, step-by-step, 4K HD animations for every step of every procedure. No matter your level of expertise, from beginner to advanced user, the Waterlase Express animation library is a dazzling, informative training resource. Over 2 hours of 4K-Ultra-HD learning content!


– Cavity Preparations
– Sub-gingival decay removal
– Troughing


– Achieving hemostasis
– Frenectomy techniques
– Biopsies and lesions


– REPAIR Perio protocol (all steps)
– Closed crown lengthening
– Flap surgery


– REPAIR Implant protocol (all steps)
– Implant debridement
– Flap surgery


– Access, cleaning, and shaping
– Pulpotomy, Pulp Cap
– Disinfection of Root Canal
– Removal of Smear Layer

BIOLASE Waterlase Express Dental Laser System SPECIFICATIONS

– Wavelength: 2.78 µm (2780 nm)
– Max. Power Output: 4 W Pulse
– Energy: 200 mJ Pulse
– Rep Rate: 5-50 Hz Pulse
– Duration: H: 60 µsec, S: 700 µsec
– Laser Engine: Miniaturized Er,Cr:YSGG laser engine
– Fiber Optic Cable: White, highly flexible, reliable
– User Interface: Applications-based, removable tablet
– Touchscreen Size: 9.7”x 6” (24.64cm x 15.24cm)
– Pre-sets: 95 procedural presets, with simple slider bar to adjust settings within each procedure
– Additional Content: Procedure animations, case studies, best practices
– WiFi-enabled for BIOLASE Connect: Yes
– Weight: 27 Lbs (12.247 kg)

Waterlase Express is the most affordable, accessible All-Tissue Dental Laser Features:

  • 95 clinical presets for soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone.
  • Step-by-step procedure animations.
  • Removable tablet with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.
  • Loaded system menu features onboard reference material.
  • H MODE – 60 microseconds – a cooler mode for cutting enamel and all other applications.
  • S MODE – 700 microseconds – a hotter mode for coagulation.
  • Stay up-to-date and connect with fellow users, clinical mentors, and online training directly from the unit.
  • Customer care access for direct help when needed.
  • A sturdy handle for easy transport makes the Waterlase express conveniently portable.
  • Wireless footswitch for easy integration.
  • Light and flexible SureFire trunk fibre ensure minimal resistance and treatment fatigue.
  • Over 2 hours of 4K-Ultra-HD learning content


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