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BTL Spinal Decompression

A non-invasive alternative to spinal surgery

Spinal decompression represents the first-choice treatment that relieves back pain of any origin regardless of its stage. The therapy is on the borderline of next-level manual medicine, a non-invasive alternative to spine surgery and drug-free back pain management. The therapy uses automated decompressive forces to mobilize joints, relieve the pressure over neuro-spinal structures, relax and elongate soft tissues in pain-relieving positions which can be fine-tuned to innumerable combinations according to the patient’s condition.

Lower Back Pain

The BTL Spinal Decompression promotes a new way forward to precise targeting of the therapy into impaired segments of the spine and innumerable options for the treatment of lower back pain of any origin.

Neck Pain

The BTL Spinal Decompression is the very first automated decompression for neck pain that perfectly substitutes manual therapy without compromising clinical outcomes.

How does Spinal Decompression work?

Spinal Decompression therapy is based on the precisely targeted decompressive forces applied over vertebrae.

Decompressive forces occur as automated and controlled cycles.

This leads to enlargement of intradiscal spaces, enhanced blood perfusion accompanied by rehydration, and realignment of impaired vertebrae.

Targeted therapy for optimal results

The BTL Spinal Decompression promotes the new way forward to precise targeting of the therapy into impaired segments of the spine and innumerable options for the treatment of low back pain of any origin.

Postions for spinal decompresion

  • Pelvic Flexion | Targeting of lumbar spine segments due to the adjustable pelvic tilt angle.
  • Inclined semi-upright | Gentle stretching of soft tissues in the lumbar spine, ideal for extremely sensitive patients.
  • Prone Extension | Evokes mechanical retraction of the targeted disc and nucleus which enhances pain relief.
  • Roof | Increases space between facet joints, reduce pressure on the nerve roots, and stretch the thoracolumbar fascia.
  • Side-Lying | Transition position that promotes gentle relaxation of paraspinal muscles in sensitive patients.
  • Inversion | Suppresses initial pain in extremely sensitive patients, unloads the spine, and releases muscle spasms.

Spinal Decompression Premium Set Includes:

  • Traction Unit, lumbar belt system, cervical belt system, wrist/ankle/hip belt
  • 8 section decompression couch
  • Build-in cervical adapter
  • LED backlight, Heated cushion
  • Face pad
  • Upholstery insert
  • Remote control with display
  • Retractable castors
  • Velcro fastening of the thoracic belt
  • Holder with plastic covers for multiple positioning of the unit
  • Inversion therapy set
  • Asymmetric therapy adapter
  • Sitting therapy adapter
  • Axilla posts

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