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Nidek OPD-Scan II ARK 10000

Nidek OPD-Scan II ARK 10000 is the only instrument that easily combines Wavefront, Topography and Refraction all into one unit that sits on a table top! This allows the isolation of any optical problem to cornea or crystalline lens making it easy to decide if lensectomy or corneal surgery is the procedure of choice. It is also very mobile if need be!

The NIDEK OPD-Scan II provides information on corneal topography, wavefront, autorefraction, keratometry and pupillometry in one unit, utilizing state-of-the-art imaging and analysis technology developed specifically to measure normal to highly aberrated eyes. The system offers a variety of data maps to provide information on the total refractive error, wavefront, corneal shape, internal aberrations and visual quality of the eye, allowing highly accurate and reliable information for optic diagnostics.

Our units are carefully refurbished, inspected and serviced by our trained technician prior to shipment. We also offer service on almost all Nidek equipment!

ARK-10000 measures the refractive condition and analyzes corneal shape of the patient’s eye. The refractive condition is measured by weak infrared rays, and corneal shape is analyzedbased on projected placido rings onto the cornea.

Nidek OPD-Scan II ARK 10000

– OPD Map shows point by point aberration of patient’s eye in diopters
– Measurement Selection for Improved Reliability
– Fast Processing Speed
– Improved Accessibility to a Patient eye
– Wide Measurement Range
(Sphere -20.0 to +22.0D and Cylinder 0.0 to ±12.0D)
– Easy Data Maintenance with a Detachable HDD
– Network Capabilities
– Corneal NavigatorCorneal Navigator

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