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Sirona Apollo DI Intra Oral Scanner

The Sirona Apollo DI Intra Oral Scanner features easy handling, precise imaging, and the proven Sirona Connect workflow. The impression system includes an imaging unit, APOLLO Connect software, and the APOLLO DI intraoral
camera,with which users can make digital impressions of the clinical situation in a seamless workflow. To do this, a moisture-insensitive high-contrast spray is sprayed on the teeth very finely. Fine particles in the spray ensure high contrast and thus very precise images.

The most cost-effective start to digital impression-taking.
APOLLO DI, the specially developed intraoral scanner for cost-efficient digital impressions.
Easy handling thanks to multitouch control
Small and lightweight camera
Export of scan-data in the laboratory
No follow-up costs

Export of digital impression data (captured with the APOLLO DI in the practice and received via the Sirona Connect Portal) in an open ST L format for processing in other CAD/CAM systems.

Designed to provide an economical entry point into CAD/CAM dentistry, Sirona’s APOLLO DI digital impression system includes an imaging unit, APOLLO Connect software and the APOLLO DI intraoral camera.

The system provides precise imaging with the use of a contrast spray, and digital impression data can be sent to dental labs via the Sirona Connect system where it can be turned into a digital restoration design in Sirona’s inLab software or compatible 3rd party software applications, according to a press release.

The new APOLLO DI is a complement to the company’s existing CEREC Bluecam and CEREC Omnicam options which each use a different imaging technology, but send the digital impressions through the same workflow. APOLLO DI is designed for practices looking to take digital impressions but continue to work with a lab, while the Bluecam and Onmicam can each be purchased as stand-alone digital impression systems, or with a mill for complete chairside CAD/CAM dentistry.

APOLLO DI is a medical device to scan the topographic characteristics of teeth. It offers a digital process for using the exposures in the computersupported construction and manufacturing of restorative dentures in the laboratory.

Sirona Apollo DI Intra Oral Scanner Features: 

  • Multitouch control
  • Small and lightweight camera
  • Easily export of scan-data in the laboratory
  • Easy handling
  • No follow-up costs
Technical Specifications:
  • Rated line voltage:
    100 – 250 VAC/50 – 60 Hz
  • Rated current:
    3.0A to 2.0A
  • Type of protection against electric shock:
    Class I device
  • Ambient temperature:
    12 °C to 30 °C (54 °F to 80 °F)
  • Air pressure:
    700hPa – 1060hPa
  • Operating altitude:
    ≤ 3000m
  • Dimensions (Inch):
    19¼ W x 46 ⅝ H x 16½D
  • Weight:
    67 lbs

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