Thermage FLX For Sale

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  • 3 treatments, which can keep the deep collagen of the skin lasting for up to one year.
  • Treatment is completed in 40 minutes and no recovery period is required after surgery
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Thermage FLX System Treatment

The new Thermage FLX For Sale works in a similar way to previous Thermage treatments, but as time has moved on, the technology involved has been continually improved and refined.

1. RF Wrinkle Principle

Thermage FLX For Sale Enter into the subcutaneous tissue through the RF to make the natural resistance movement in the subcutaneous tissue’s to generate the heat energy, immediate contraction is generated on the heated collagen, while stimulating the dermis layer to secrete more new collagen to fill the contracted and lost collagen vacancy thus hold up skin scaffolds again and restore the skin elasticity.

2. RF Technology Skin Renewal Principle

The electric field and electrode in the cured part of the biological tissue can be changed for millions of times within 1 second by RF system. The charged particles in the tissue will produce rapid Brownian motion at the same frequency to make the tissue produce the columnar distributed heat. The collagen hydrogen structure will be destroyed.

3. The photothermal principle fractional distributed Fractional

Distributed Photothermolysis In the RF probe, Thermage FLX For Sale heat is conducted into the subcutaneous layer by fractional cluster heat transfer method, thus forming a fractional collagen adhesion in the fascia layer, making the tighten skin securely reposition on the collagen scaffolds, in order to achieve the purpose of lifting the face. The key of the fractional cluster heat resource is to overcome the shortcomings that the skin cannot be borne due to the past excessive RF heat resource

Thermage FLX For Sale

Type Matrix RF
Frequency 40.68MHz
Mode Pulse mode
Max power 150W
Treatment probes 1.0cm2      3.0cm2    9cm2
Energy level 1.0-10.0 (Adjustable)
Output AC 220V~50Hz
Weight 60 kg


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Thermage FLX

Thermage FLX For Sale

$3.800$4.000 (-5%)

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