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Biolase Epic Hygiene Laser Console

Original price was: $9.400.Current price is: $4.100.
The Epic Hygiene Laser is designed by hygienists for hygienists and gives users a total solution to effectively manage non-surgical periodontitis and increase clinical production. It comes with step-by-step clinical protocols for easy implementation, including pocket therapy and perio debridement.

Candela GentleYag LE Laser System

Original price was: $17.000.Current price is: $7.500.

Candela GentleYag LE Laser System

Candela GentleYag LE with DCD Cooling System & (3) Handpieces: 3, 8, 12. Shot Count: 56910. The GentleYAG effectively treats all skin types, including tanned skin, offering unmatched treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction, leg veins, facial veins, wrinkles and skin tightening.

Carestream 8000C Digital Panoramic Ceph Dental X-ray

Original price was: $15.000.Current price is: $7.500.

Carestream 8000C Digital Panoramic X-Ray, quickly capture crystal-clear cephalometric and panoramic images. Thanks to our innovative "one-shot" technology, you can now generate images in just over a second—reducing the risk of blurred images and improving your patients' comfort.

Clear Plus Brilliant Treatment

Original price was: $2.500.Current price is: $1.875.
Product Specifications : Laser                             : Diode with 2 Wavelength Handpieces (1440 & 1927) Type                              : Fractional Original Wavelength : 1440 nm Perméa Wavelength : 1927 nm Spot Size                      : 140 micrometer Settings                        : Low - Medium - HighIncludes:
  • Permea Handpiece
  • Brilliant Handpiece
  • Handpiece Holder
  • 9 Permea Tips
  • 13 Clear and Brilliant Tips
  • 1 Pair Operator Eyewear
  • 3 Tips
  • 3 Smart Card Holders (with no cards)
  • 1 Fan
  • 1 Power Cord
  • Operators Manual

Cutera Trusculpt iD Monopolar RF Body Contouring 2020

2020 truSculpt iD is the latest body sculpting treatment solution from Cutera, providing a personalized, hands-free and hand-held solution to revolutionize your practice.

Cynosure FlexSure Device

Original price was: $19.000.Current price is: $12.350.
Manufacturer: Cynosure Device: FlexSure Type: Laser - Radio Frequency (RF)FlexSure™ is the world’s first wrappable, hands-free, flexible, non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) applicator for, RF treatments. The applicators provide temporary relief of pain, muscle spasms, and an increase in local circulation for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature.


PinPointe FootLaser – the first clinically proven laser device for the temporary increase of clear nail in patients with onychomycosis, or nail fungus.Other options are available, however PinPointe poses none of the risk and harmful side effects of oral anti-​​fungal medications. This convenient in-​​office procedure typically takes only about 30 minutes to perform.

Denmat SOL Portable Diode Laser Diodo Dental Tejido Blando

Original price was: $1.700.Current price is: $1.300.
The SOL Portable Diode Laser features 4 easy-to-use settings designed to simplify treatment protocols, with an additional Custom setting to address unique needs. All four settings are completely customizable, making the possibilities endless for the number of saved procedures. The SOL's blue aiming beam enhances contrast on tissue so you know where you’re working, eliminating the confusion of red beams on tissue.

Edge Hydrafacial MD Elite Excellent 2020


Edge Hydrafacial MD Elite Excellent 2020

Includes: Tower, Cartridge Handpiece, (1) Red LED Light Wireless Handpiece, (1) Blue LED Light Wireless Handpiece

Ellman Cheveux Diode 810 nm Laser Hair Removal

Original price was: $19.900.Current price is: $15.920.

The Ellman Cheveux TM II – 810 nm diode laser with its "smooth flow" 10 Pulses per second technology makes laser hair reduction more convenient and affordable.

Erchonia EVRL Laser Therapy

Original price was: $7.520.Current price is: $4.888.
EVRL delivers energy into the cell to be used in the most effective, efficient way. This energy fuels key biochemical processes that help with relieving pain, reducing inflammation, stimulating healing and restoring function. This laser is designed to deliver the ideal amount of energy needed to stimulate and enhance cell function without causing any undue damage or discomfort. The EVRL can be used to help with: 
  • Inflammation  
  • Pain  
  • Accelerated Tissue Repair  
  • Improved Vascular Activity 
  • Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points 
  • Fibrous Tissue Formation  
  • Improved Nerve Function  
  • Immunoregulation 
  • Faster Wound Healing 

Ezer ERK-9000 Autorefractor Keratometer

Quickly and accurately gather reliable pretesting data with the cutting-edge ERK-9000 Autorefractor/Keratometer. Enjoy the flexibility of Bluetooth and remote connectivity with the entire Ezer Digital Practice line. Ezer digital practice platforms make it possible to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to Rx.
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