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Lutronic eco2 plus Laser

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Lutronic eco2 plus Laser is the smart choice for providing fast, full-spectrum CO2 treatments with improved pain management and unparalleled outcomes. Your busy practice will appreciate its industry-leading reliability & ease-of-use, and your patients will rave about their spectacular results.

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  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

Product details

Lutronic eco2 plus Laser

Lutronic eCO2 Plus Laser is the premier fractional ablative laser that delivers the full spectrum of resurfacing treatments to your busy practice. You will appreciate how easy to use and reliable the system is while your patients rave about their outcomes

Lutronic eCO2 Plus Machine features the patented Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT), an algorithm to pseudo-randomly deliver each micro laser beam and by placing maximum distance between sequential beams the system eliminates cross thermal diffusion between adjacent Micro-ablative Columns (MACs).

This allows the tissue to maximise heat dissipation between shots. The result is an increased safety profile with a reduction in post-operative discomfort and faster healing time leading to unparalleled fractional resurfacing results.


Dynamic Mode completely eliminates the checkerboard look of other Lutronic eCO2 Plus Machine and provides clinicians with a more comfortable operation by allowing the user to ‘Air Brush’ the energy. Whether you are treating large areas or just feathering to eliminate demarcation lines, Dynamic Mode provides your patients with a more natural look.


Static Mode allows for traditional ‘Stamping’ which allows users to treat scanned areas of 14 x 14 mm with selectable density options to enable precise delivery of laser energy without the need for multiple passes other systems require.

eCO2 PLUS includes the 0.2 mm – 1.0 mm zoom handpiece for incisional & excisional surgical procedures to fully ablative skin resurfacing needs.

With the ability to control your thermal damage, you can further adjust and customise treatments to your patient’s needs.


Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation
Wrinkles, Rhytids & Fine Lines
Skin Laxity / Loose Skin
Pigmented Lesions & Lentigines
Scars (e.g.: acne scar, surgical scar, burn scar)
Textural Irregularities
Transepidermal Drug Delivery
Solar/Actinic Elastosis
Vaporisation, Incision & Excision Capabilities

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