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Denmat SOL Portable Diode Laser Diodo Dental Tejido Blando Product Specifications :

Laser Classification: Laser diode Class 4 laser device (per IEC 60825-1:2007)
Wavelength working beam: 808 nm +/- 5 nm
Beam divergence: 9° +/- 1°
Power range: 100mW to 3.0 Watts CW. 100mW to 5
Watts Pulse

Frequency (Pulsed): Fixed, 10 Hz

Continuous Wave (CW) Duty Cycle: Fixed 100%
Pulse Mode Duty Cycle: Fixed 50%
Aiming Beam Output: 2mW Maximum, adjustable
Audible signal: Yes, adjustable On/Off
Visual signal: Yes, adjustable
Power Supply: 30 Watts +12VDC supplied from 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz MODEL FW7362M/12
Weight: 2.55 lbs

Denmat SOL Portable Diode Laser

Kit Contents
SOL Diode Laser System with Hand Piece and Optical Fiber
SOL Wireless Foot Switch
AC/DC Power Converter
Laser Operating Key
Fiber Optic Tips, 400 Micron/5 pc
Single-use Diode Laser Sheaths for Handpiece 25 pc
Protective Glasses 3 pc
Safety Sign
SOL Laser Instructions
Warranty Information
Extended Warranty Offer
Online Training Offer
Battery Charging Notice
AA Batteries (3x)
The SOL Portable Diode Laser features 4 easy-to-use settings designed to simplify treatment protocols, with an additional Custom setting to address unique needs. All four settings are completely customizable, making the possibilities endless for the number of saved procedures. The SOL’s blue aiming beam enhances contrast on tissue so you know where you’re working, eliminating the confusion of red beams on tissue.

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