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Sonendo GentleWave Dental Laser Cart Endodontic System

Sonendo GentleWave Dental Laser Specifications:
Manufacturer: Sonendo
Model: Gentle Wave
Serial Number: (Contact Us)
Power Requirements: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Year: Not available
Laser Style: Cart
Fiber-Optic Trunk Condition:Functional
Laser Type:Endodontic

Current methods of endodontic cleaning and shaping are limited, as no current cleaning and shaping technique is able to predictably remove bacteria, biofilm, and tissue from canal systems. In addition, no current instrumentation system touches all canal walls. As a result, bacteria are commonly entombed in the dentinal tubules and isthmuses after endodontic treatment. Today’s “state of the art” is technique-sensitive, operator-sensitive, and greatly affected by anatomic complexity and patient cooperation.

Sonendo GentleWave Dental Laser has provided an innovative and unrivaled method designed to create “ultraclean” canals in order to overcome current limitations and challenges. The GentleWave System is capable of removing all tissue, smear layer, biofilm, and bacteria from the tubules to a very deep level that is not typically seen in traditional endodontic treatment.

Sonendo GentleWave Dental Laser System gives the clinician options. It can be used either as an adjunct to traditional treatment protocols or as the primary treatment method with “minimum shaping.” Regardless of shaping protocol, the obturation method is performed with the clinician’s preferred technique. Treatment can be simpler, faster, and performed with less iatrogenic potential as GentleWave instrumentation protocols can be greatly simplified relative to existing instrumentation concepts. Minimal shaping protocols remove less tooth structure, which could possibly reduce the chance of vertical root fracture while cleaning canals to a degree never before possible. Because it is less technique sensitive, the GentleWave System can contribute to a treatment that may be less stressful and less invasive for the patient.

Sonendo GentleWave Dental Laser technology is provided by a handpiece connected to a freestanding, ergonomic, mobile console containing a reservoir of sodium hypochlorite, EDTA, and distilled water. The device has a user-friendly interactive screen that guides the clinician through each step sequentially.

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