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2016 BTL Vanquish ME For Sale

Original price was: $14.700.Current price is: $7.350.
BTL Aesthetics Vanquish ME – Focus Field RF Body Contouring with Flex Applicator; Includes: Flex Applicator &  Warranty

Candela GentleYag LE Laser System

Original price was: $17.000.Current price is: $7.500.

Candela GentleYag LE Laser System

Candela GentleYag LE with DCD Cooling System & (3) Handpieces: 3, 8, 12. Shot Count: 56910. The GentleYAG effectively treats all skin types, including tanned skin, offering unmatched treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction, leg veins, facial veins, wrinkles and skin tightening.

Candela Mini GentleLASE Laser Hair Removal Machine

The GentleLASE laser is Candela’s premier hair removal laser, treating quickly, comfortably and effectively. GentleLASE lasers are also versatile, capable of treating pigmented and vascular lesions and wrinkles. And only Candela lasers feature the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) to maximize patient safety and comfort.

Candela VBeam Perfecta

Perfecta can do it all: from rejuvenation by correcting red and brown skin discoloration, like Aesthetica, to eliminating virtually all vascular and pigmented lesions, like the Platinum. The Perfecta features advanced micro-pulse technology

LPG Cellu M6 Integral 2

Includes: Cellu M6 integral, Power cord, all hand pieces listed above and manual. Condition: Single owner. Fully operational. Excellent condition. Warranty: 30 day Parts and Labor MFG Notes: LPG cellu M6 integral is the best devise, FDA approved to help with cellulite, skin tightening, and physical therapy. Treatments: Anti-aging (wrinkles, natural lifting) Redefinition of facial contours Tightening through the stimulation of natural collagen production Cellulite Localized fat Slimming and weight loss Body contouring Fibrosis, inflammation, edema, lymphedema, venous Injuries to the ligaments and tendons “Preparation, recuperation and treatments relating to sports injuries

Lutronic eco2 plus Laser

Original price was: $14.780.Current price is: $7.390.
Lutronic eco2 plus Laser is the smart choice for providing fast, full-spectrum CO2 treatments with improved pain management and unparalleled outcomes. Your busy practice will appreciate its industry-leading reliability & ease-of-use, and your patients will rave about their spectacular results.


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