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Candela Vbeam Prima Laser Pulsed Dye

Original price was: $18.000.Current price is: $11.700.
The Vbeam Prima system is the latest innovation in pulsed-dye lasers (PDL) used by healthcare providers around the world to treat a variety of indications for both face and body, including benign vascular, pigmented, and certain non-pigmented lesions, with high patient tolerability and a low incidence of side effects.

Cynosure Apogee 40 Laser Machine

Original price was: $7.500.Current price is: $3.750.
The Cynosure Apogee 40 alexandrite laser broke ground in the market for laser hair removal devices. When you look under the hood, you can see that the Apogee 40 is still the basis for Cynosure’s world-renowned Elite line of hair removal devices.

Cynosure Cynergy Laser

Original price was: $10.500.Current price is: $6.825.

Advanced technology, efficacious outcomes

The Cynergy workstation treats vascular and pigmented lesions more effectively than conventional, single-wavelength platforms. With both high-powered 585nm pulsed dye and 1064nm Nd:YAG wavelengths, our proprietary MultiPlex technology enables the sequential emission of the two wavelengths from one delivery system for optimized clinical effectiveness.

Deka Cartessa Motus AY

2018 Deka Cartessa Motus AY 755 and 1064 Very good condition! Made by DEKA A Jump into the Future of Hair Removal and Vascular Treatments for all Skin Types Motus AY is the new system which combines Alexandrite with Nd:YAG laser sources covering all applications in dermatology.

Jeisys SmoothCool 2016

Original price was: $10.750.Current price is: $5.912.
Jeisys SmoothCool 2016 Excellent Cosmetic Condition, Total System Pulse Count = 58,671 Pulses; Software Version:;Included Handpieces & Pulse Count: - HR Handpiece = 154 Pulses, SR Handpiece = 58,517 Pulses, Vascular, Pigment, Hair Removal.
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