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2 Types of Handpieces
Jeisys SmoothCool is equipped with two handpieces:
an exclusive 700nm Diode handpiece and 420nm-800nm filter-replaceable handpiece, to increase convenience for the user.

HR Handpiece
HR 700nm Diode – Permanent Hair Removal for light-colored and thin hair

Powerful energy
Realization of light-colored and thin hair removal permanently such as upper lips hair by optimal fluence using the most powerful energy in the currently available products.

Ideal depths
Deep penetration inside of skin, more than 4mm by UFL

Wider spot size
Faster & Permanent hair removal by wider spot size, 5mm

SR Handpiece
SR – with 8 IPL Filters, for Skin Rejuvenation – 420(s)nm, 530(s)nm, 530nm, 560nm, 590nm, 640nm, 700nm, 800nm

The SmoothCool is equipped with filter replaceable handpieces that allows a selection from eight filters to allow treatment according to each wavelength.

ATC™ Technology

ATC™ (Automatic Temperature Controller) Technology, What is it?
Maintains skin surface temperature equally by controlling sensor which is monitored by real time.
Freely set the cooling temperature from -10~0℃ to accelerate easy use of high fluence.
Minimizes unnecessary skin damage and enables painless hair removal.

Specialized Dual Filter

  • 8 interchangeable cut-off and dual filters for customizing treatment by lesion and skin type
  • Dual filtering from 420(S)nm (420~600nm), 530(S)nm (530~600nm) maximizes the treatment of acne and vascular while minimizing the adverse effect since the absorption rate of oxyhemoglobin is high but the absorption rate of melanin is low- These dual filters only pass through specific wavelength and cut-off the other wavelength.
Cell-toning Technology

Cell-toning technology uses pulse duration in μs(microsecond) to approach pigment lesions safely such as melasma and PIH.
The repeated micro lights in cell-toning pulse target rather melanin than other surrounding areas that increase temperature of melanin and destroy it.
To treat the pigment lesions such as melasma, Cell-toning provides faster, safer and more effective efficacy.

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