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DEXIS Platinum Digital X-ray System, with a state-of-the-art sensor and intuitive, easy-to-use imaging software, provides numerous benefits to you, your practice, and your patients.

Dexis Platinum Sensor X-ray

DEXIS Platinum Sensor is a breakthrough direct-USB digital X-ray solution. We have refined our single-sensor concept and made it even more portable, even more comfortable. And with PureImage Technology, the image quality is even more remarkable.

Dexis Platinum digital sensor is a one-size-fits-all sensor that can capture vertical and horizontal bitewings, as well as all periapical. In addition, it produces more than 20 visible line pairs/mm for crisp, clear radiographs.

Dexis Platinum X-ray Sensor | Grade A Image Quality | 2-Year Protection Plan

DEXIS Platinum Sensor has improved its sensor housing to maximize the comfort of patients. With new image capture and processing technology, the DEXIS Platinum Sensor is truly simple to use with a gold-plated USB plug, and doesn’t need any docking station or adapter. Combining all the complex technology into a tiny sensor is a remarkable achievement by DEXIS Platinum Sensor.

The quality of an image is an essential feature when it comes to digital x-ray. And with DEXIS Platinum Sensor you can obtain the best image quality that is extremely sharp, clear, and detailed when compared to other sensors. The details available from a quality image can help a dentist know the exact cause of the dental problem.

Uniquely designed for comfort and efficiency, DEXIS Platinum Sensor can easily and comfortably fit in a patient’s mouth which helps the clinician to move the device efficiently and get more accurate details.

Benefits of DEXIS Platinum Sensor

  1. With new integrated image capture and processing technology, the DEXIS Platinum Sensor allows true “plug-n-ray” connectivity via a direct, gold-plated USB plug and does not require an adapter or docking station.
  2. Featuring PureImage™ technology, the sensor combines a cesium iodide scintillator with fiber optics and a high-resolution CMOS sensor to produce crisp and highly detailed 2.2-megapixel images.
  3. The Perfect Size™ sensor is suitable for all vertical and horizontal bitewings, and all periapical, eliminating the need to use multiple sensors of multiple sizes.
  4. The four beveled corners and rounded casing optimize the sensor housing for both patient comfort and ease of use, even in posterior regions.
  5. Designed for enhanced durability as well as comfort, the proprietary WiseAngle™ cable exit on the sensor’s back adds cable flexibility.

DEXIS Platinum Digital X-ray System, In-Office Training, and 12 Months DEXcare service: DEXIS Platinum System Includes.

  • 1 Intra-oral Sensor
  • DEXray software.
  • Platinum Holder Kit and Carrying Case.

DEXIS Platinum Sensor

The Platinum sensor lies at the heart of the DEXIS system. This “plug-n-ray” solution features:

  • perfect size Sensor One Size Fits All.
  • TrueComfort Design.
  • WiseAngle Cable Exit.
  • PureImage Technology.
  • ScatterGuard Protection.
  • Direct USB Connectivity.
  • Custom-fit Holders.

Anatomy of the DEXIS Platinum Sensor

TrueComfort Design: (1) Beveled corners, a smooth, rounded casing, and the small, angled dome maximizes patient comfort and makes precise placement easy. The patented WiseAngle Cable Exit (shown above) helps patients better tolerate the procedure and provides cable flexibility to reduce stress and increase reliability.

PureImage Technology: Through advanced hardware and software technologies, the DEXIS Platinum Sensor delivers highly detailed, extremely clear, clinically meaningful images. A premium quality Caesium Iodide scintillator (2) converts the X-ray beam into visible light and guides it through micro-columnar structures. The light is then transmitted precisely to the sensor surface by Fiber optics (3). This efficient design allows a high signal-to-noise ratio resulting in clean images with virtually no visual noise. The high-resolution CMOS sensor (4) features an exclusive architecture that maximizes active area at the pixel level to bring out the smallest details in the X-ray image. A 14-bit analog-to-digital converter generates 16,000 shades of gray to allow subtle variations in densities to be seen.

Quantum Efficiency

Fancy words, simple concept: DEXIS hardware and software work in harmony to compensate for radiation variances thus guarding against under and overexposure. That means you are able to get more clinically useable, more consistent images at a wider range of exposure settings. You benefit from a reduction in the number of exposure-related dental x-ray retakes, and your patients benefit from the reduction in radiation.

DEXIS Dental Software

DEXIS Imaging Suite serves as a highly effective aid throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and treatment planning process. Our newest software Dexis Elevenbuilds on our legacy of easy-to-use software, with workflow efficiency improvements and optional features like Cloud Backup and CloudVu.

When you use DEXIS, images are available instantly after exposure. If an image needs to be retaken, it can be done immediately. The ability to magnify areas of concern, apply image enhancements to reveal further details, and add annotations to images provide further diagnostic support.

In addition, patients respond favorably to digital X-ray software images. The larger, more detailed picture allows them a better understanding of the diagnosis and your treatment recommendations. Plus, sharing digital images with colleagues is easy.

DEXIS Dental Software

DEXcare Peace of Mind for Your DEXIS System

Typically DEXIS Owners experience the solid performance from their sensors for years, but should something ever go wrong, support will be there if you need it. Choose the Service Level Agreement that meets your needs: DEXcare our comprehensive, premium plan, or Basic Care a lower-cost solution for those who do not require the full benefits of DEXcare.

A year of DEXcare enrollment is included when you invest in a new DEXIS System. Also included is an in-office training session where you will learn about using and caring for your sensor in addition to the ins and outs of acquiring and managing images.

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Dexis Platinum Sensor

Dexis Platinum Sensor

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