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Edge MLS M6 Robotic Laser Therapy

Edge MLS M6 Robotic Laser Therapy is a robotized multi-target device designed to treat patients suffering pathologies affecting a wide area, and to perform automatic applications. The distinctive feature of the M6 is the innovative multi-target functioning. Thanks to the features of the exclusive MLS multi-diodic optical group, a wide area is treated instantaneously helping to produce an immediate response of the treated tissues. The results are better and faster than with the scanning modality of traditional laser therapy products.

Edge MLS M6 Robotic Laser Therapy Technical Features

  • Robotized optical group with 3 MLS sources – power up to 3.3 W
  • 5 cm diameter target area highlighted by high-efficiency red light LEDs
  • Back-lit graphic touch-screen display
  • Simultaneous management of two independent channels
  • MLS pulse modulation frequency from 1 to 2000 Hz with 1 Hz steps
  • Power level 50% and 100%
  • Variable or fixed duty cycle
  • Treatment duration from 1″ to 99’59” with 1″ steps
  • Automatic calculation of the emitted energy according to the set parameters

Edge MLS M6 Robotic Laser Therapy Alarms and Safety Features

  • Laser emission warning light
  • Interlock (can be temporarily disabled)
  • Acoustic signal for the beginning and the end of the therapy, and for each treatment second (can be disabled)
  • Password to operate the device
  • Language option (Italian, English, German, Spanish)

Dimensions and Weight

27 x 17 x 62 inches;  95 lbs

Power Supply

115/230V~ 50/60Hz 150VA

Edge MLS M6 Robotic Laser Therapy
There are many types of lasers.  Each laser has different characteristics which produce a different effect.  These characteristics include:

  • Energy: measured in joules
  • Time: Defined as the duration of irradiance of target tissue and is measured in seconds.  It is also known as Impulse Duration or called “impulse width”.
  • Wavelength: Penetration depth is directed by the laser emission wavelength and the type of tissue (chromophores).
  • Frequency: Defined as the number of impulses emitted during the unit of time (1 second) and should reflect the condition treated.
  • Power: the rate at which energy is delivered and is measured in watts.
  • Fluence: Energy Density or Dose
  • Irradiance (Also known as Power Density): Power delivered per unit area
  • Emission Mode: Continuous Wave (CW) or Pulsed Wave (PW)
  • Impulse Duration: Duration of laser emission, also called “impulse width”.

Edge MLS M6 Robotic Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses light to favor and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. The laser beam is moved over the skin so that the light energy (photons) penetrates the tissue where it interacts with various molecules (chromophores) that cause different biological effects. It produces a photochemical, photothermal and photomechanical effect.

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