LightStim LED Bed

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LightStim LED Bed and ProPanel

A soothing, natural and non-invasive full-body treatment utilizing the power of LightStim MultiWave Patented Technology.

Get more from your proactive approach to health and wellness with advanced technology that works to maximize the benefits of good habits like healthy diet, regular exercise, and relaxation.

LightStim LED Bed

Professional Strength
LightStim LED light therapy devices have been used and recommended by doctors, health care, and wellness professionals for 20 years. LightStim LED Bed uses LED light therapy for a non-invasive, soothing and gentle treatment that sets in motion the body’s inherent pain-relieving process. LED light therapy is also known as red light therapy, low level light therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation.

LEDs are Therapeutic
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is a tiny computer chip encased in glass. Each LED wavelength (color) of light provides unique therapeutic benefits. LED is non-invasive, painless and requires no recovery time. LightStim LED Bed has 18,240 LEDs of Light Red, Dark Red, Infrared and Deep Infrared.

Included with your LightStim LED Bed:

– LightStim ProPanel Anti-Aging Light
– 1 LightStim PhotoSerum, 30 mL
– 1 LightStim PhotoMasque, 4 oz.
– LightStim LED Bed User Guide
– 20 packets of LightStim BodySerum
– 3 LightStim Towels
– 3 pairs of Goggles
– One Step Disinfectant Concentrate and spray bottle
– 1 package of Headrest Covers
– Headrest and Mount
– 10 Power Cable
– TRIPP-LITE Isolated Power Strip

Available for Space Requirements:
– Bed measures 86″ length (including headrest), 40″ width, and 18″ height
– Determine where the Bed will be located. Minimum room size: 6′ x 8′
-If using the minimum room size, the entry door must swing out
– To maximize user comfort, we recommend 8′ x 10′ or larger
– Requires a doorway opening of 27″ or larger
– Do not place the Bed where it is directly exposed to sunlight

Electrical Requirements:
– A dedicated line supplying a voltage within the range of 110-volt to 240-volt power
– 15 amp dedicated breaker
– Requires an outlet within 5′ of the bed
– DO NOT use an extension cord

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LightStim LED Bed

LightStim LED Bed

$21.500$37.000 (-42%)

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