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Philips HD11XE Ultrasound Machine

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Philips HD11XE Ultrasound Machine

Philips HD11xe Ultrasound Machine is an extremely popular midrange ultrasound machine that dominated sales in the shared service segment for nearly a decade. The HD11xe balances price and performance perfectly while still giving access to high-end features such as 4D and TEE. The HD11xe had more transducer options than any other midrange and even more than many high-end ultrasound machines. The HD11xe is the replacement for the HD11 and adds an LCD monitor on an articulating arm and software upgrades such as Qlab. The HD11xe is still in high demand after it has gone out of production and offers an amazing value as a refurbished or remanufactured system. the HD11xe was replaced by the Affiniti 50.

Philips HD11xe is an excellent shared service machine that balances price and performance perfectly with access to high end features such as 4D and excellent cardiac support. The “xe” version adds an LCD monitor on an articulating arm and software upgrades such as Qlab.

Specifications :



Small parts and superficial




Gynecological and fertility



– Cerebrovascular

– Peripheral vascular

– Intraoperative vascular

Transcranial Doppler


– Adult

– Pediatric

– Transesophageal

– Stress

Contrast imaging

ICE Imaging (Intracardiac Echocardiography)


Fully equipped system supports wide range of facilities

This full-featured performer combines broadband beamforming, automated imaging optimization tools, and cutting-edge technologies. The HD11 XE is ideal for public and private hospitals, satellite clinics or specialized practices, and backed by Philip’s award-winning* customer support program.

SonoCT and XRES for astounding clarity with images

SonoCT imaging technology uses transmit beam-steering techniques to obtain exceptional clear images through compound imaging. XRES adaptive image processing reduces artifacts and enhances margin and border definition for high-quality image. SonoCT and XRES working in tandem display images boosting your diagnostic confidence and allowing you to make patient management decisions quickly.

Data management & connectivity enhance efficiency

This system supports flexible recording, archiving, and editing, as well as the creation of exam reports with embedded images. On-screen image thumbnails let you build your study and check exam status, at a glance. CD and optional peripheral devices support your documentation and archiving needs.

Cardiac & stress echo capabilities extend clinical value

The HD11 XE has the versatility to expand into a complete, digital cardiovascular imaging system for further clinical utility and value. You can also add powerful options like QLAB advanced quantification, stress echo, contrast imaging, and transesophageal echo to further enhance your cardiovascular imaging capabilities.

2D & 3D imaging enhance visualization

2D with Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging is Philips patented method for producing pure, broadband harmonic signals for superb grayscale presentation. Our 3D imaging with multiplanar views, delivers qualitative freehand 3D images and interactive visualization through three planes.

DICOM networking option to enhance data quality

The HD11 XE system allows you to adapt to most DICOM management systems. It includes DICOM Print and Store, Modality Worklist, Performed Procedure Step, and Structured Reporting for OB and cardiac.

Additional clinical packages for anesthesia and emergency

Get outstanding image quality and ease of use for ultrasound guided regional anesthesia and emergency medicine with special configurations that are surprisingly affordable.

Advanced Doppler capabilities boost signals & reduce noise

The Adaptive Color Doppler feature automatically selects the optimal Doppler or angio frequency for highly sensitive resolution. Color Power Angio technology can be used to assess amplitude and direction of flow. Pulsed wave and continuous wave Doppler with Adaptive Doppler technology boost weak signals and reduce noise. Their high PRF capability measures higher velocities than ordinary pulsed Doppler ultrasound.

Volumetric imaging that’s fast

The HD11 XE brings 4D imaging into the mainstream by delivering an exceptional combination of versatility and value. Move seamlessly through 2D and Doppler modes right into breathtaking 4D studies. This system supports continuous, quantitative volume acquisition and display, with easy, simultaneous visualization and measurements in three planes.

Cardiac contrast imaging for more complete contrast visualization

The contrast option allows this system to detect harmonic agent signatures using the S3-1 transducer. It provides a uniform power field, allowing more even excitement of contrast agents throughout the sector. Optimized LVO system settings decrease contrast agent destruction and reduce system adjustments. This results in a more complete visualization of contrast throughout the image.

Panoramic imaging to document spatial relationships

The Panoramic Imaging option provides an extended field-of-view display. This feature creates a series of real-time images while the user moves the transducer laterally across the anatomy. When the imaging is complete, the system renders a panoramic mosaic display to provide a larger reference image to document spatial relationships of structures.

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