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GE Vscan 1.2 Ultrasound Machine

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GE Vscan 1.2 Ultrasound Specifications :

GE Healthcare provides a full line of trusted Vscan ultrasound machines carried by National Ultrasound. The GE Vscan 1.2 portable ultrasound line provides for excellent point-of-care convenience. Fitting into your pocket, it goes with you from patient to patient, filling in the diagnostic gaps in real time.

The GE Vscan 1.2 portable ultrasound machine is a pocket-sized, handheld device that is easy to use and provides real-time black-and-white anatomic and color-coded blood flow images at the touch of a button. It enables you to get an immediate, noninvasive look inside your patient to strengthen your clinical confidence. It’s been called “the next-generation stethoscope” and is designed mainly for cardiology, primary care, and emergency department applications. It’s single-phase array probe makes it ideal for triage and cardiac evaluations.


Specialties :

– Cardiology

– Emergency Medicine

– Family Practice

– Gastroenterology

– Vascular


Accessories :

– AC Adapter

– Battery Charger

– Battery Pack

– Docking Station

– Soft Case

– USB Cable


GE Vscan 1.2 Features :

  • Enhance the physical exam and strengthen your clinical confidence
  • Visualize organ function and make diagnoses quickly and confidently
  • Connect more deeply with your patients for excellent care
  • Small and lightweight: Vscan can travel with you-from patient to patient-within your primary, critical, or specialty care clinical environment.
  • Easy to use: Just flip the top and it starts up. With its one-hand user interface and presets for common applications, Vscan imaging slips easily into your patient care routine.
  • Reliable: Count on Vscan throughout your busy day-a single charge provides up to 90 minutes of continuous scanning. Easy-to-swap batteries can extend operation all day long.
  • Trusted: Vscan adds clinical value and can help support excellent patient care.

GE Vscan 1.2 Ultrasound Technical :

Vscan scanner with probe, docking station including global AC adapter with interchangeable plugs (USA and China, EU, UK, Australia) and USB cable, Vscan Gateway software, one rechargeable battery, 4 GB Micro-SD memory card, soft case, and access to Vscan web portal with entitlement to full online education package. One Year Warranty

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