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GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound Machine

The Voluson E10 with Radiance System Architecture is the most advanced Voluson yet. It delivers a new standard in OB/GYN imaging with more clarity, more speed and more flexibility.

The system focuses on enhanced efficiency. The Voluson E10 utilizes a familiar system design. It features enhancements in automation, productivity, and connectivity to address your busy practice needs.

The GE Voluson E10 is available through Avante Health Solutions. For more information, contact an Avante representative today.

imaging provides simultaneous display of high resolution, high frame rate images in two perpendicular planes

VCI-A (Volume Contrast Imaging) – Delivers excellent contrast resolution through thick slice volume of grey scale and color Doppler images

eSTIC (Spatio-temporal image correlation) – Enhances fetal cardiac exams with up to 75% reduction in acquisition time over traditional STIC

e4D SnapShot – Optimizes your exam time with one button access from Real-time 4D to acquire high resolution 3D volume or eSTIC data sets


Improve 3D/4D quality in multi-planar studies and enhance smoothing effect on rendered images through speckle reduction.

Advanced VCI – Adjusts slice thickness on 3D or 4D images to help enhance contrast resolution with use of render techniques such as bone and tissue renderings. Can be applied in the acquisition plane (VCI-A), static 3D volumes, or OmniView

OmniVew – Obtain any plane from a 3D or 4D volume by simply drawing a line, curve, poly-line or trace through a structure. This valuable technology enables views of even irregularly shaped structures not attainable in 2D imaging

Enhance efficiency in volume rendering with automated placement of the render line for optimal surface rendering. SonoRenderlive continuously updates render line placement with fetal movement during 4D examinations.

SonoNT – semi-automated nuchal translucency
SonoBiometry – Performs semi-automated biometry measurements (BPD, HC, AC, FL and HL) to help reduce keystrokes
SonoNT™ (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency) and SonoIT (Sonography-based Intracranial Translucency) – Voluson technologies that help provide semi-automatic, standardized measurements of the nuchal and intracranial translucency in the 1st trimester. Both tools can integrate easily into your workflow. SonoNT helps reduce the inter- and intra-observer variability that comes with manual measurements, and helps provide you with the reproducibility you demand
SonoVCAD™heart (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display heart) – Helps standardize image orientation of the fetal heart by providing recommended views obtained from a single volume acquisition
SonoAVC™general (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count general) – Innovative research tool to help provide visualization and measurement of hypoechoic structures within anatomy such as the fetal brain, kidneys and gynecological sonohystograms.
Scan Assistant – Flexible, customizable exam protocol tool that helps increase exam consistency and productivity while documenting for quality assurance purposes. Helps guide you through an exam more efficiently aiding in annotation, measuring, and reporting, transferring data to an image management system or PACS based system on your order sequence and output requirements.

Maximize efficiency with modern ergonomic design

Cutting-edge monitor technology – high resolution. widescreen OLED monitor
Monitor features large clipboard and standard/XL image formatting
12.1” Touch Panel with multi-touch functionality
Quick and easy 1-button control panel up/down function for optimal positioning

Simplified workflow

Electronic TGC and efficient menu navigation with swipe technology
Bar Code scanner for efficient entry of patient information
ViewPoint synchronization for seamless data sharing and reporting
4 Active probe ports with port illumination

Fast, secure data management for efficient communication

Secure User Management – unique user IDs for system access and tracking documentation
Integrated Software Digital Video Recorder (DVR), including USB recording
Directly export 3D print files in multiple formats
Archive, collaborate and share images with 3G or cloud- based connectivity

Voluson E10 Clinical Images

More detail, more clarity in less time. The Voluson E10 system’s new imaging technologies offer you the best image quality you have ever seen from a Voluson.

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